INSTANT MBA: It’s 'OK' To Say No To New Technology

Mat Herman

Photo: Matt Gorrek

Today’s advice comes from our interview with Mat Herman, creator of Apt2B, an online furniture store:“In the world we live in now, especially in social media and e-commerce in general, the platforms are changing so quickly.

“There’s new software, a new app, a new widget, and you could be chasing that stuff all the time. You’re never going to be able to do it all at once.”

When Herman launched Apt2B five years ago, he only had three people working for him, and said he started the company because he found a niche market that was not represented in L.A.

He explained that most young people in the area had only two main choices when decorating their home—maxing out their credit cards or going to IKEA. But with an extremely small staff, it was impossible to focus on getting his company up and running while simultaneously paying attention to every new technology coming out.

Instead of getting caught up with every new piece of software, Herman says it is more important to stay focused on your company’s original identity and stay true to the basics.

“The hardest thing I’ve learned is that it’s OK to say no and to pass on some things. In the beginning it’s ‘Yes, I’ve got to do this, and yes I’ve got to take this opportunity,’ but we weren’t prepared to do that. We didn’t have the man power and the money to do all this stuff and we were spread so thin and we were trying to do a ton of different stuff at once and at that time we were getting nothing done.”

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