INSTANT MBA: Show Your Employees That You Trust Them To Do Good Work

Gregg Kaplan

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Today’s advice comes from Coinstar President and COO Gregg Kaplan’s interview with The Hiring Site.“Hire great people and then get out of the way. Really ambitious, talented people will always be way out in front of you as a manager if you give them plenty of room to succeed.”

Leaders need to demonstrate trust in their employees and build relationships with the people who work for them, says Kaplan, who heads Coinstar, the provider of the ubiquitous green coin-counting machines and Redbox DVD rental kiosks. The company uses methods like brown bag lunches and skip-level meetings to engage with lower-level employees and emphasises a fun, but goal-oriented atmosphere where free lunches and meetings at movie theatres are common.

An informal atmosphere won’t work for every office, but managers should learn from Kaplan’s philosophy on leadership.

“Create an environment of respectful but robust debate and allow people to disagree. Anyone in the organisation, regardless of their role, should be able to share a strong argument and make their point. The truth and a well-supported argument should always win out over politics and hierarchy.”

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