INSTANT MBA: Trust Your Team, And They Will Deliver

ross smith microsoft

Screengrab from CasualConnect on YouTube

Today’s advice comes from Microsoft Director of Test Ross Smith’s interview with We Know Next:“There’s a lot of talent in your organisation. Trust them — and they will deliver. They really don’t need you to “manage” them — they are far savvier than you may give them credit for.”

Smith has been at Microsoft for around two decades, starting in product support and rising to a director position in Windows Core Security. His latest research has been on how gaming can improve productivity, and believes that it helps to be a “minimalist” manager to spur innovation.

“Today’s savvy workforce, powerful Web 2.0 tools, and the availability of information help create a climate where innovation and productivity come naturally — and too much ‘management’ discourages or inhibits risk-taking and experimentation.

Look at the creative contributions on YouTube, the explosion of blogs, Flickr, etc — the DIY culture is pervasive, and the ability for anyone to research and access best practices means that innovative and productive teams can flourish when managers spend less effort managing — and more time coaching, guiding, and supporting,” says Smith.

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