INSTANT MBA: RIM Founder Explains What Makes Tech Companies Great

Mike Lazaridis rim

Photo: AP

Today’s advice comes from Mike Lazaridis, founder of Research in Motion, via Entrepreneur“What makes tech companies great is not all that different from what makes any company great. It starts with people. A tech company must have visionary leadership that can attract and inspire dedicated employees who believe in the company’s destiny and want to play a role in its success.”

People are the foundation of a business and their determination directly correlates with the success of your company. To attract a dedicated employee, Lazaridis says that you need to be equally impressionable and optimistic. If prospective employees can see your enthusiasm from the moment they sit down during an interview, it will make them happy to work for you, and when your employees are happy, so are your customers.

“Greatness also requires customer-based marketing that meets and anticipates customers’ needs. And, a technology company must be focused on providing quality products and real value to its customers.”

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