INSTANT MBA: Reddit Co-founder Says 'First 100 Customers Will Make Or Break Your Product'

Alexis Ohanian

Photo: Anirudh Koul

Today’s advice comes from Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, via Fast Company“When you get your first hundred users, treat them well, because these first hundred will make or break your product.”

Ohanian describes how a $500 investment of stickers featuring the Reddit logo contributed to their company’s overall success.

People took those stickers, passed them around, and spread the word. This is essentially what you want other people to do, whether you’re an online startup or brick-and-mortar small business.

The first hundred matter most, because it is their opinions of your services and product that will spread to the masses. For this reason, you need to give them special attention.

“Somewhere in this first hundred, there will be a handful of people who are actually going to drive your product, and you can’t afford to alienate any of them. You need to treat these people like gold, because that is exactly what they are. And you need to make sure they know it, too.”

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