INSTANT MBA: People Are More Willing To Buy From You When They're Scared

Joe Pulizzi

Photo: Joe Pulizzi

Today’s advice comes from SocialTract CEO Joe Pulizzi’s interview with Rick Liebling:“We all now have the ability to create content. We have all these fancy tools. Some do it well, most not so well. Content creation will soon become as natural as typing is today. Typing rooms took decades to die out. The same will happen here until we all use social media without thinking and we all develop content to communicate with customers on a regular basis.”

“To sell this to CEOs, I usually just use a series of questions. It invokes fear and works for the most part: If someone typed in the terms of your industry into Google, would they find you? If your prospects are asking questions on LinkedIn or Yahoo! Answers and you’re not answering, who is? Your competitor most likely.”

Content marketing is the concept of providing customers content of value, or “the art of storytelling for business,” rather than forcibly advertising a product. Pulizzi says that given a customer’s large array of choices, this is the only way a business can stay relevant.

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