INSTANT MBA: Not Everything On Your Plate Needs To Be There

Photo: TheBigSpeak/ YouTube

Today’s advice comes from Russell Bishop, author of Workarounds That Work. “Being overwhelmed and burning out do not have as much to do with all the things on one’s plate as with how little those items matter. No one relishes the thought of going to work today to produce another load of “same old, same old.”

Bishop says people often hold on to do items on their to-do lists because they’ve always been there. But if they’re no longer relevant, keeping them there will just slow you down. 

To change directions, and free up your time so you can start using that energy on something that matters, you should ask three questions: Why is this on my plate? What difference does it make? Who would notice if I didn’t do it? Managers also need to consider these questions if they want to avoid making employees crazy.

“It’s a lot easier to get people following a new direction if the organisation can create a little relief from the mind-numbing amount of no-longer-meaningful work that awaits them.”

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