INSTANT MBA: How To Get Employees To Exceed Your Expectations

Michael Jordaan

Photo: AfricanEntrepreneur1 on YouTube

Today’s advice comes from First National Bank of South Africa CEO Michael Jordaan’s interview with MoneyWeb:“I get my kicks out of giving challenges to people and then watching them perform and more often than not if you make the right decision about individuals they will outperform not only your expectations but even what they thought their own capabilities and constraints were.”

Jordaan, who has presided over the bank for the past seven years, says he’s highly ambitious and strives to create an environment in which his employees are, too. They keys to filling your office with over-achievers?

First, your people need to be passionate about what they’re doing. Start out by hiring the right folks with the right interests, and good attitudes, Jordaan says, and you’ll build a team that works effectively because they love what they’re doing.

Second, offer incentives for going above and beyond. Make sure workers receive a payoff for quality outperformance, and you’ll consistently be surprised by their innovation and production, he says.

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