INSTANT MBA: Look For Good Colleagues, Not Good Workers

Jack Dangermond

Photo: Esri

Today’s advice comes from Esri’s Founder and President Jack Dangermond’s interview with The New York Times:“When I got into college, I found what ultimately became my life’s work. I couldn’t sleep at night I was so excited about it. So I’m attracted to people who play at that level. They actually want to play in their professional life.

“I am hunting for people who would be a good colleague or a teammate, not someone who works for me. I prefer to find craftspeople I can be colleagues with and who take an area of responsibility and run with it.”

Dangermond says the most important lesson he learned from his father was to never walk by a wilting plant without watering it right away. This way, you inherently have responsibilities to take care of things, he says.

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