INSTANT MBA: LinkedIn Director Says Ownership Is Key To Success

Avery Moon

Photo: Avery Moon

Today’s advice comes from our interview with Avery Moon, LinkedIn’s Senior Director of Engineering:“One of the things that we aspire to is high quality products or products that don’t have many bugs. If you can really get employees motivated to work hard, they’ll use the product themselves.

LinkedIn sends its products out to all employees before a launch to keep them informed on the most recent features and initiatives of the site. This promotes an understanding of the company that employees may not otherwise have. 

In addition, Moon says that developing a company culture of ownership and pride is key to promoting passion and ultimately creating better products. It also spurs new product ideas from people within the company. 

“If you look at almost all of the launch products, the teams that worked on them get a t-shirt and they’re all remarkably brightly coloured. People wear them around campus and out and about in the valley and it’s ultimately the mark of having worked on a team, collaborated, and seen something successful through. You’ll walk around campus seeing shirts of all colours and it’s really a centre piece of our culture that people demonstrate their pride and passion for products they are working on.”

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