INSTANT MBA: 'Be The Leader Who Hops In The Delivery Truck'

Jay Steinfeld

Photo: Vimeo/BlindsTV

Today’s advice comes from Jay Steinfeld, the founder and CEO of, via his column for“Ask your employees direct questions about your leadership as a CEO and your business processes. If you’re sincere, you’re going to hear about areas that need improvement. It will hurt. And it will feel personal. But it’s a gift and an opportunity.”

In order to really know how you and your business are doing, you should connect with your people, says Steinfeld. This should happen on regular basis rather than just when company is in trouble or during an annual reviews or holiday bonus time. 

Besides having an empathetic problem solving HR team that communicates problems to you, Steinfeld recommends occasionally spending a day in your workers’ shoes. 

“Be the leader who hops in the delivery truck, grabs lunch with warehouse workers and knows, firsthand, how disjointed communication can work its way down the ladder.”

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