INSTANT MBA: Sometimes The Most Talented Applicant Isn't The Right Hire

lee chen

Photo: A10 Networks

Today’s advice comes from A10 Networks CEO Lee Chen’s interview with the San Jose Mercury News:“During the hiring process we really take into consideration personality. Even the person who is talented, sometimes they don’t have the right personality because they are too disruptive. So you hire the right people, you hire quality and you build a strong team.”

Chen’s seven-year-old company, a networking firm which helps other businesses streamline online business operations, has seen marked growth over the past couple of years, including adding more than 70 employees so far this year to round out its worldwide staff at 320 employees. Now on his third startup, Chen says bringing in exactly the right people is paramount.

But hiring the right people isn’t necessarily the same as hiring those who look the best on paper, he says. Tuning in during the interview process to gauge how well a person would fit in the office every day, where they’d inevitably interact with their colleagues and be part of the office ecosystem, matters quite a bit.

The result? Chen says his team has good chemistry. And that’ll help greatly in keeping workers focused, engaged, and passionate.

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