INSTANT MBA: Learn How To Interact With Your Boss

John Ellet

Today’s advice comes from John F Ellett, CEO of nFusion, via his book The CMO Manifesto:

“One of the keys to getting the support you need is keeping your boss enrolled. For your individual success, how well you are supported by your boss comes down to how well you interact with him or her. You need to know a few things: What’s your boss’s style? How should information be presented? How will the two of you communicate? When will you meet?”

Ellet says you need to study your boss’s mannerisms and their leadership style before you make a move. If you begin to butt heads with someone who is higher up the corporate ladder, it’s bound to turn into a problem somewhere down the line. Make sure you know when it’s time to take the lead and when you should hold back and let your boss do his job. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and assume a position of leadership, but rather, be aware that when you do step up, that you aren’t getting in your bosses way.

“Whatever the case in your situation, you have to be in sync with your boss and communicate effectively. This is essential if you are to build trust and establish the confidence necessary to win top level support…If you are diligent at the outset in terms of clarifying the expectations of others (and most particularly the members of your senior management team), you are in a great position to move on to the challenge of setting an agenda that will lead to impressive results.” 

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