INSTANT MBA: Know What Customers Need, Want, Feel And Respond To

Tina Wells

Photo: Buzz Marketing Group

Today’s lesson comes from Tina Wells, founder of Buzz Marketing Group “Many entrepreneurs think, ‘If I build it, they will come.’ But they
won’t be coming if it’s not what they want. So the best thing you can do is truly get to know what your customers need, what they want, how they feel and what they respond to. I put this into four easy steps: connect, brand, impact, understand.

The first step is to figure out how to connect with your customers. This involves research—both qualitative and quantitative. Once you’ve gathered your data and understand who your customers are and how to connect with them, create branding that grabs their attention.

Next, focus on creating messages that make an impact. It doesn’t matter if you can afford to buy the biggest billboard if it says nothing to your target customers.

Finally, start the research process all over again and measure the impact of your messaging. Did you see an increase in sales? Did you miss your mark? Use this data to help you improve for your next phase.”


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