INSTANT MBA: Managers, You Need To Walk The Talk

John Schlechter

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Today’s advice comes from John Schlechter, director of auditing and accounting at Kreischer Miller in this interview with Smart Business.“The single most important factor in building a company culture is how management models it on a daily basis. Management must walk the talk.”

In addition to providing quality products and services, factors like leadership and the workplace environment are essential in building a successful reputation, says Schlechter, who is part of the Auditing and Accounting Group of Kreischer Miller, an accounting and tax advisory firm in Philadelphia.

Employees need to be aware of the company’s vision, but communicating that through training is not enough. Top managers should be setting daily examples of how they would like staff members to behave.

“When management leads by example, employees get the message that mission, codes of conduct and treatment of the customer are important and they must follow if they want to be successful in the organisation. A strong corporate culture develops, which ultimately leads to a positive reputation in the marketplace.”

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