INSTANT MBA: To Succeed On Social Media, You Have To Find The Right Tempo

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Photo: By loiclemeur on YouTube

Today’s advice comes from Klout CEO Joe Fernandez’s interview with Fox News Latino:“If you disappear for a couple of days or a week it can be a challenge. It’s about finding that balance between being present without being noisy. If you talk too much people will tune you out. It’s about finding that right tempo which is the biggest challenge.” 

And that’s the key to mastering social media, Fernandez says. Social media enthusiasts have latched onto his company, Klout, which uses an algorithm to calculate individuals’ based on their use of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn influences others. He says he hopes it’ll one day become a key consideration in hiring.

Given the meteoric rise and sustained importance of social media, which continues to evolve but becomes no less integral to daily life and business, Fernandez could be onto something. That’s why it’s important for social media users to develop an identity that online followers and friends can expect and look to, he says, without being too intrusive or chaotic. It’s like branding anything else.

“The hardest thing is consistency. The Internet has a short attention span.”

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