Instant MBA: "You Have To Be Paranoid"

Jeremy Stoppelman

Today’s advice comes from Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman’s interview with the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Keeping the company innovative and nimble, and making sure that the industry doesn’t take a left turn as we go straight is going to be the big challenge … You have to be paranoid.”

Stoppelman’s seven-year-old company, which allows users to search and rate local businesses, has seen tremendous growth recently. Yelp reached the 50 million-unique-visitors-a-month mark in May, and has launched sites in 11 countries.

He says that it has been tough to organise the business efficiently and effectively as it has grown from a startup to more than 1,000 staffers, but it was necessary. Particularly in the tech world, it’s important to be flexible, ready, and one step ahead of competitors.

In any sector, especially a temperamental one known for its volatility, believing there is always something else looking to take over your position — and knowing how to mitigate that threat through your own innovation — is crucial to success.

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