INSTANT MBA: Always Place Yourself In "New And Unfamiliar Situations”

Choi ING

Photo: ING

Today’s advice comes from ING Asset Management Korea CEO Choi Hong’s interview with Korea JoongAng Daily:“For 20 years, I lived desperately. But as a grown-up, I thought that I had lost the passion I had as a child. After all, I had money, status and have been CEO for the past decade. I was too settled down, and I wanted some intensity and fierceness in my life.”

So he entered Men’s Health magazine’s “Cool Guy contest” — and won for fittest body. Though he felt self-conscious a few hours after applying, he says he stuck with it because of his life motto: “Always place myself in new and unfamiliar situations.”

He also believes that “If you’re fit, you feel inner pride. And it’s much easier to work with pride than without it. Passion and pride led me to where I am right now. Without passion, you can’t succeed in any kind of business.”

Hong is best known for creating the first instalment funds in Korea in 2003.

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