INSTANT MBA: "If You're Just Standing Still, Whatever You Do Is Going To Get Shot Apart"

John Rowe

Photo: Exelon

Today’s advice comes from Exelon CEO John Rowe’s interview with The New York Times:”Always be looking for something to do that moves the ball. Don’t sit still. My aphorism for it is, better a moving turkey than a sitting duck. If you’re just standing still, whatever you’re doing is going to get shot apart.

“I also learned that you have to act on the best information you have, and to not wait for the nonexistent perfect level of information.”

Rowe also says it’s important to convey a clear direction to employees, and reinforce it day in and day out, through everything you do. This includes carefully considering whom you promote, whom you give bonuses to, and what’s rewarded.

“It turns out that you can give orders far more easily if they’re very detailed and precise,” he says.

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