INSTANT MBA: Young People Know What The Market Place Wants

Matt Murphy

Today’s advice comes from our interview with Matt Murphy, f

ounder and CEO of Fusion92“The tech industry is an extremely crowded space but if you are young you can see things that someone who is more mature and has been in the industry longer, can’t. [Young people] know what the market place wants and may see a gap that needs to be filled because of their age … I think that young entrepreneurs will continue to fill that space … The life blood of our industry is the 20-something crowd.”

Although some industries, especially tech, feel over saturated right now, Murphy says you shouldn’t panic. There’s always room for a new talented entrepreneur. There is no denying that young people are the driving force of the tech world and even small businesses in general so you should stay hopeful that there will always be room for one more. If you are just getting out of college, now is the time to take that plunge and follow your dreams. Being young means you can still afford to make mistakes and Murphy warns that you might not have that luxury further down the line.

“Some of the benefits of starting out young is that you are a bit naive in some respects about what you are getting in to. You have a very high tolerance for risk … If you’re contemplating becoming an entrepreneur, dive in. It’s an extremely rewarding task to take on in your life and would definitely recommend anyone who thinks they have the right skills to go do it.”

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