INSTANT MBA: Leaders Don’t Hear “No”

henry albrecht limeade

Screengrab from rhstrategic1 on YouTube

Today’s advice comes from Limeade founder and CEO Henry Albrecht’s interview with SmartBlog on Leadership:“Leaders don’t hear ‘No.’ They might hear ‘Not now, ‘Not in your lifetime,’ or even ‘Not within the known laws of physics.’ But those are just temporal and logistical challenges.

Albrecht was a product and marketing leader at Intuit before founding Limeade in 2006. The company helps others attract and retain productive people, and describes its purpose as building “happy, healthy, high-performance workforces.

“Whether you call it hope, optimism or self-efficacy, it’s infectious. Relentless, resilient, results-focused people love the challenge inherent in ‘No.’

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