INSTANT MBA: Give Your Employees More Time To Do What They're Actually Good At

Photo: CornellUniversityILR/ YouTube

Today’s advice comes from Tracy Dolgin, CEO of the YES cable sports network in this interview with The New York Times:“The Peter Principle holds that as people get promoted again and again, they keep doing less and managing more until they get to a point where they stop getting promoted because they’re not as good at their new job.”

Dolgin has tried to make the opposite happen at YES Network by finding the best people to execute each function in the company, and virtually removing the hierarchical system of managers.  

He focuses on hiring people who were passionate about what they were doing and absolutely great at that particular function.

“Now I could out-execute [my competitors] because my executors would be the best people at executing, and they would be spending 90 per cent of their time executing and not managing.”

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