INSTANT MBA: “We Need To Throw Out The Old View Of Ourselves And Our Companies”

gail blanke

Today’s advice comes from founder, president and CEO of Lifedesigns Gail Blanke’s interview with Smartblog on Leadership:

“As entrepreneurs, we have to stay agile and light on our feet. Periodically, we need to throw out the old view of ourselves and our companies, the way we always did it — and reinvent. Refining our brands is a constant imperative.

And clutter blurs clarity. That means we have to let go of anything that drags us back to some old idea of ourselves or our companies.

Blanke was global head of public affairs for Avon products before she founded executive coaching company Lifedesigns. She believes that leadership is an attitude, and has some extra advice for female business owners delved from her experience as the youngest senior VP ever at Avon:

“Speaking of brands, don’t forget to let go of thinking that everybody has to love you. Think about Martha Stewart or Oprah or Ina Garten or Cher … or Lady Gaga. Some people love ’em, some don’t. Here’s a fact: If enough people love you, the ones who don’t, don’t matter!”

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