INSTANT MBA: Find Out What Skills Everyone Has Before Starting A Business Together


[credit provider=”Julie Ganong / Chococoa Baking Co. “]

Today’s advice comes from our interview with Chococoa Baking Co.’s cofounder Julie Ganong:“If you go into business with [partners], you really have to look at the skills everybody’s bringing to the table. Are they overlapping skills? Are they completely separate skills? How do you work together?”

Ganong and her husband, Alan Mons, opened up Chococoa Baking Co. together in 2009 when the couple lost their jobs. 

The bakery is small, but growing fast and is currently in the works to have their whoopie pies sold in grocery stores. With a small business, Ganong and Mons work closely side-by-side where she is in charge of the company’s public relations and media efforts and Mons focuses on overseeing the quality of their products. 

If a company finds themselves with people of different skillsets, it’s best to put these people together, especially during brainstorming exercises. It’s an asset to a company to have people with various backgrounds and views since this can help a group think “outside the box” and come up with creative and innovative solutions. In contrast, if people have overlapping skills, the company should divide up responsibilities for each person.

“You’ve got to be organised and you have to really be tenacious in moving [the company] forward.”

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