INSTANT MBA: Enabling Your Employees Is Just As Important As Innovation

Bobby Yazdani

[credit provider=”Bobby Yazdani”]

Today’s Instant MBA comes from our interview with Bobby Yazdani, founder and CEO of Saba:“You can’t achieve your goals and objectives unless you really think about enabling your people in the right way and understanding that this is a core process and a core activity of the business. It’s no different, it’s at the same level of importance as let’s say the sales process or as the same level of importance as the innovation process.”

By understanding exactly how information is processed and which parts of a company is utilized and how, company’s can begin to enable employees for more effective end results. 

Yazdani says that enabling employees and making sure their talents and abilities are put to use in the best way possible is just as important as sales or innovation. Businesses cannot progress and develop if employees are not understood and managed in a way in which they can reach their full potential. So before you try to stimulate innovation or increase your sales, take a second to understand how your employees work best and address that first. 

“The enablement process, the people enablement process should be a core process in any business that’s changing, evolving, competing and growing. 

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