INSTANT MBA: Give Your Employees Hope

Emil Brolick

Photo: Wendy’s

Today’s advice comes from Wendy’s CEO Emil Brolick’s interview with USA Today:“A leader has to bring a vision to an organisation, because an organisation works best when you have an end in mind. Vision is great, but if you don’t have strategies, people get frustrated quickly.”

Brolick took the helm at Wendy’s early last month, and he says he’s totally confident he can bring the has-been restaurant franchise back to the forefront of the fast-food game. His broad-range plan requires plotting out a distinct course for the business to follow in terms of reinventing itself, and developing strategies and plans to make sure that vision will be realised.

Staying focused on that plan is key, and so is making sure the employees responsible for executing are fully aware of both their roles in the company’s future success and the wider, more general scheme, he says.

Brolick believes a good leader will convince his or her employees that they are important parts, propelling the company forward on a trajectory to success.

“A leader has to define reality and give hope.”

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