INSTANT MBA: Don’t Interview People For The Job, Interview Them For Their Personalities

Bobbi Brown


Today’s advice comes from Bobbi Brown, founder and CEO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

“When I interview someone, I know in the first two minutes if I like them or not.”I find that if it’s easy to talk to someone and I see an openness and honesty and integrity, then I usually hire them.

“I don’t think about interviewing them for work. I first try to understand who they are as people. I usually have someone’s résumé, but I never look at it until they sit down. Then I say, “O.K., take me through the résumé.”

“The most important thing is people need to be themselves. And someone could be totally, on paper, perfect for the job. But they might not have the openness or the vision. I like when people bring energy, creativity, and newness to me.”

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