INSTANT MBA: Don't Be Emotionally Attached To The Business

Kathleen King

Photo: YouTube

Today’s advice comes from Kathleen King, owner of Tate’s Bake Shop, via Inc.:“I needed to start Tate’s Bake Shop, grow it into a viable business and move forward. I didn’t have all that emotional attachment like I did with creating my first business from scratch.”  

King’s experience of being pushed out of her own bakery after 23 years, called Kathleen’s, is an inspiring story of determination and perseverence.

When she opened her bakery 23 years ago, she hired two partners and thought that by giving everyone equal share, she was igniting unity amongst them and strengthening the team. However, eventually the other two paired together to push her out, resulting in King having more than $200,000 in legal fees. Instead of being overly emotional about the downfall of her tenure at her own bakery, she pushed herself up and started a new one. The result, Tate’s Bakery, now sells baked goods to every state in America and sells more than 1 million cookies per week. The bakery that she was removed from is now closed. 

“It’s the advice I always give when people ask: take the emotion out, and you’ll be surprised at how less consuming your business will be and how much easier it is to execute.”

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