INSTANT MBA: Don't Spend All Your Time Fixing Your Worst Employee

Photo: leaderpowertools/ YouTube

Today’s advice comes from Saxon Castle founder Col. Thomas Kolditz at Inc.“Mistakes are made in hiring; high-potential people fizzle out, burn out, or check out. Every owner eventually leads a workforce with mixed talent and ability. And inevitably, one member of the workforce comes in dead last.”

Kolditz, who teaches at the West Point military academy, says although you might be tempted to focus on fixing that employee, spending too much time and energy on the weakest members of your team will distract you.

Instead, he suggests rethinking the issue to identify what you can do to improve your entire team.

“Poor performance points to conditions in the organisation that allow it to occur. In the long run, it’s usually more important for you to address those conditions than it is to fret over a single weak employee.”

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