INSTANT MBA: The Best Leaders Are Teachers

jetblue ceo david barger


Today’s advice comes from JetBlue president and CEO David Barger’s interview with The New York Times:“I think the best leaders are teachers and they’re truly taking the time to explain a balance sheet or a fuel hedging policy or other things. You’re teaching. You’re not just doing and communicating what you’re doing — you’re teaching people why you’re doing it.”

Barger was part of the team that founded JetBlue back in 1998, He was promoted to CEO in 2007 after serving as COO for nine years. He has spent nearly his entire career in the airline industry, and had a prominent gig at Continental Airlines.

He also says that it’s fine to be the consensus builder, but you have to be comfortable in proclaiming that a decision has been made. Teams can work on a project for hours and in the end have nothing to show for it because the leader didn’t put his or her foot down.

“When it’s time to make a decision and your team’s not making the decision, make the decision,” says Barger.

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