INSTANT MBA: Conversations Can Pull Your Business Out Of A Rut

Richard Grefe

Photo: Fast Company

Today’s advice comes from Richard Grefé, executive director at AIGA, via Fast Company“Today, the power resides in those who have a sense of the way that knowledge flows. And that becomes critical because knowledge is growing at an exponential rate.”

Grefé believes that, in a world where knowledge is at the fingertips of anyone who has access to the Internet, people are forgetting a huge source of knowledge: other people.

Beyond asking others for advice on company matters, conversation is a major source of acquiring ideas. Through loose conversation on any business-related matter, you’ll find yourself coming up with ideas and finding inspiration. Before you hire someone to help your business, attempt to find solutions through word-of-mouth exchanges.

“For any individual to succeed, it has got to go beyond just knowing things. They have to be curious, they have to be thoughtful. And that doesn’t come from social media and that doesn’t come form deep-diving in data. That comes from thoughtful conversations.”

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