INSTANT MBA: 'By Focusing Too Narrowly On Daily Targets, We Miss Opportunities Ahead'

Rebeca Hwang

Photo: YouTube

Today’s advice comes from Rebeca Hwang, co-founder and CEO of YouNoodle, via Inc.:”So many times we fall into the trap of focusing too narrowly on our daily targets that we miss the opportunity to notice the more creative answers right in front of us.”

Hwang backed up her case by describing a study done in which two groups of people, one that considered themselves lucky and another that considered themselves unlucky — were each  given a newspaper and was asked to count the number of pictures from front to back. The group that considered themselves unlucky took an average of two minutes to report the number: 27. The self-declared lucky group finished at 10 seconds on average after noticing a note on the second page that read: “Stop reading here, there are 27 pictures in this newspaper.”

According to Hwang, you shouldn’t just aim for the objective and work between the lines; always be willing to look at the big picture. By believing that luck is on your side, it will be.

“The luckiest people are constantly stimulating the brain with a certain level of randomness through serendipitous encounters, conversations and insights. They are able to focus on a target without shutting down their ability to see beyond that target.”

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