INSTANT MBA: Building A Business Based Only On Great People Will 'Set You Up For Failure'

Jim Burleigh

Photo: Jim Burleigh

Today’s advice comes from our interview with Jim Burleigh, CEO at Cloud9:“If you have to have the best of the best, you’re relying on your people to carry your organisation; this won’t scale. You need process to ensure success.”

Aside from understanding your customers and “treating sales as a science,” Burleigh says that constructing your team is one of the most crucial elements in sales success.

To be the best, Burleigh told us you don’t actually have to hire the best. Instead, you should rely on great process which will allow you to “optimise your people, scale the organisation, and produce superior results.”

“Now, of course I’m not advocating hiring and rewarding mediocre employees. Rather, evaluate what – or who – you’re expecting to drive your organisation’s success.”

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