INSTANT MBA: Bosses Who Think They're Supposed To Prevent Employee Screw Ups Are Not Motivating -- Be Trusting Instead

Robert Eckert

Today’s lesson comes from Robert A. Eckert, chairman and CEO of Mattel: 

“Trust is an important thing. The way we run the company is, I have a lot of confidence in you, I have a lot of trust in you, we’re transparent — we share where we are and where we’re going and what’s going on. And that openness has always worked well for me. I come with a positive attitude that you come to work and you want to do the best job you can.

“I’ve worked for one or two people in my career or seen one or two where it’s the opposite. They think you’re here to mess up, and it’s their job to prevent you from messing up. That’s not very motivating to good people.”


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