INSTANT MBA: For Something To Be Perfect, Sometimes You Have To Do It Yourself

Bill C

Photo: Youtube

Today’s advice comes from Intuit’s Chairman of the Board Bill Campbell, in an interview at AlwaysOn‘s Silicon Valley Innovation Summit, compiled by Forbes:“Today, you don’t hear much about openness. Steve [Jobs] really wants to own the entire customer experience. People get a little pissy about their application getting rejected from the App Store. But he wants the entire customer experience to be perfect, and the only way he can ensure that is to do it himself.”

Campbell, a former Apple executive and former Intuit CEO, now spends his time coaching the most promising startups in Silicon Valley, trying to bring their ideas to life.

“When I work with startups, the last thing I work with them on is marketing. I don’t want to overestimate marketing. Apple’s marketing is having great products.”

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