INSTANT MBA: Be OK With Loneliness If You Want To Be Number One

Ginny Rometty

Photo: ibmphoto24

Today’s advice comes from Virgina Rometty, CEO of IBM via her interview with CNN Money:“Someone once told me growth and comfort do not co-exist and I think it’s a really good thing to remember.”

Instead of aspiring to be in someone else’s position, Rometty advises to create your own path even if this means going-it alone and conquering unfamiliar territory.

She certainly lives by this rule. She became the first woman chief executive of I.B.M. in January and just yesterday added an additional responsibility to her plate. Yesterday The New York Times reported she will become the chairwoman of IBM’s board on Monday when Sam Palmisano, the current chairman, retires. 

Rometty says that learning to be lonely is a mantra she took from Mr. Palmsano himself. If you plan to be a pioneer, you have to be confident flying solo. 

“Be first and be lonely.” 

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