INSTANT MBA: Be As Nimble As Possible So That You Can Easily Change Your Strategy

Jessica Alba

Photo: Shuttershock

Today’s advice comes from Jessica Alba, actress and founder of, via her interview with Forbes:”What’s unique, is that at Honest, we’ve structured ourselves to be as nimble as possible, able to pivot our strategy based on customers’ new, ever-changing needs and demands.”

After having her first child, Alba started her business when she realised she needed a source to turn to for information about everyday products. Her main audience are other mums and dads, so Alba makes sure she listens to them in order to adhere to their needs. 

This is a crucial characteristic of any new business who is trying to test out what works and what doesn’t. It’s not important to lay down stringent rules at the beginning stages. Instead, listen to what your customers are telling you.

“Our customer service team actively listens to customer’s requests for new product, and excitingly since launch, we’ve rolled out 13 new and improved products based on this direct product feedback.”

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