INSTANT MBA: A Perfect Idea Is Not The Most Important Thing When Starting A Business

Inaki Berengue

Photo: Inaki Berengue

Today’s advice comes from our interview with Pixable’s CEO Inaki Berenguer:“A lot of people think the most important part of forming a business is the idea, but it’s actually the least important.”

Berenguer says that you don’t have to have the best idea from the very beginning, because if you start with the wrong idea, you can modify this over time. 

Whatever you choose, you need to find something you’re passionate about, because Berenguer says you’ll be spending the majority of your time working on it for at least the next five-to-seven years.

You also need to focus on being selective when choosing who you want to partner with — don’t focus so much on finding people you get along with, but, rather, find people with skills that complement your own. 

In 2009, Berenguer started Pixable, a photo-sharing application with two co-founders. The company recently passed three million registered users on iOS and the Web. 

“Most businesses start with a different idea than the one they end up with. 

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