INSTANT MBA: You Have Got To Keep Pushing If You Want To Grow

Malachi Leopold Trep Life

[credit provider=”Business Insider”]

Today’s advice comes from Left Brain/Right Brain Productions CEO and Trep Life’s co-founder Malachi Leopold’s interview with Business Insider:”If you want to continue growing, you’ve got to get out there and keep pushing. You’ve got to grow more. It’s exhausting.”

He says you do this by constantly attending networking events and seeking out people you admire — even if you manage two companies like Leopold does.

He actually met his co-founder for Trep Life, a web series focusing on entrepreneurship, at a networking event and the two started the business less than a year later.

In order to get out there and network, don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself (Leopold has!) or put yourself in situations you’re not completely comfortable in. The minute you feel like you’ve figured something out, get back out there, because essentially, you need to figure out more.

“If you go to the same event, talk to the same people, nothing’s going to happen. You’ve got to be willing to accept the pain that comes with that growth. Find people and figure out how to take them out to lunch, coffee and pick their brains.”

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