INSTANT MBA: Going Global Is Just Like Starting A Whole New Company

rajeev singh

Today’s advice comes from Concur President and COO Rajeev Singh’s talk at the Washington Technology Industry Association’s GoGlobal Event:

“Whatever your aspirations are for going global, know that taking your company global is pretty much just like starting a new company, only you don’t know the language, have little understanding of the market, you’re eight time zones away, and your current products may or may not work there.”

Singh, who co-founded Concur, a travel and expense management firm, said it’s imperative to find the right leader for every new venture you undertake.

Appoint someone from within your current organisation who already “shares a commitment to your company’s culture,” and surround that leader with “local experts who are already in the market and who have specific strengths that you might want to incorporate into your business.”

“No matter how good you are at whatever you do, your solution and approach and expertise that you developed serving one market will only get you so far in the next one,” he says.

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