Instagram is getting its first TV show -- in 15-second episodes

Instagram Shield 5@shieldfive / InstagramA still from ‘Shield 5,’ the first original series on Instagram.

Instagram is getting its first original TV show, called “Shield 5,” that will be released in 28 15-second-long episodes, according to Deadline Hollywood

The new series, which comes from director Anthony Wilcox, debuted on February 1 and will continue over the next month with one episode everyday. 

The show stars Christian Cooke (from “Love, Rosie”), Elliot Gleave (also known as the musician Example), Kieran O’Brien (from “Goal!”), and Wallis Day (from “Hollyoaks”). 

The first two episodes are available to watch already, accompanied by a photo. Each video has hundreds of comments and likes. 

Every episode is labelled with the number followed by the title, such as “HOME,” and a small description. 

According to Deadline, the new format is called “social cinema” as it allows for comments and likes. The @ShieldFive account has almost 10,000 followers and each episode has a handful of comments. 

Instagram has over 400 million users, according to a company blog post, with its biggest accounts — mainly owned by celebrities — getting tens of millions of followers. 

Snapchat has also been experimenting with hosting original, made-for-the-platform content, almost all of which is found in the “Discover” section. However, it’s unclear if Instagram will promote “Shield 5” as it’s produced by a third-party. 

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