14 Awesome Snapshots From Some Of Instagram's Coolest Travel Photographers

Travel InstagramAlexInWanderlandThis photo from @AlexInWanderland makes us want to go on vacation.

Instagram is perfect for documenting your own favourite spots, but it also gives you an awesome way to discover new places through the photography of others. 

Expert Vagabond listed a handful of travel Instagrammers that are “must follows,” so we checked out their feeds and picked a few of our favourite photos.

There are photographers travelling the world or just exploring their backyards. 

Either way, all of the photos are pretty stunning.

We’ve included some of the photos we thought should be shared, and a link at the bottom to the rest of the photographer’s profile.

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Michael Christopher Brown took this shot for National Geographic.

This photo, which Brown took in Libya, was part of his book 'Libyan Sugar,' his collection of photographs, essays and written communication with family, friends and colleagues during the 2011 Libyan Revolution.

Kristen Alana took this photo on a bridge in picturesque Northampton, MA.

But she goes outside of the US as well; this photo she took in Scotland is gorgeous.

The @youngadventuress took this photo in New Zealand.

The Adventuress also captured the sun beautifully in this image.

Jodi Ettenberg of @legalnomads got up close and personal with a deer on the island of Miyajima.

She also takes great food photos.

We've written about Foster Huntington before.

He travels the country by bus, snapping photos along the way.

You'll be jealous of Alexandra Baackes snaps.

Gary Arndt's bio on Instagram says he's the '2014 Travel Photographer of the Year.' Take a look at this shot from Antarctica.

His photos are incredible.

Now explore a different way...

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