Instagram is owning the gay marriage ruling with a flood of beautiful inspiration


On Friday, the United States officially legalised same-sex marriage, and people are celebrating the landmark announcement all over social media.

And the most inspirational images, as always, can be found on Instagram. 

The hashtag #LOVEWINS started trending on social media as a result of the Supreme Court decision shortly after it was announced at 10 a.m.

Since then, over 500,000 people have posted pictures on Instagram using the hashtag. Many of the images include popular Instagram trends, decked out in rainbows for the historic occasion.

Here’s a look at 15 photos shared in honour of marriage equality. 


All over the world, people are excited about the Supreme Court's decision and using the hashtag #LOVEWINS to show support.

People were excited to see a rainbows in the sky in Washington, DC, after the Supreme Court's decision was announced.

Here's a look at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, decorated for the occasion.

Makeup artists started sharing looks inspired by the historic event. Check out this Instagrammer's colourful eye-shadow.

Popular internet memes are also getting rainbow makeovers for the occasion. Here's a picture of 'Pepe the Frog' waving a pride flag.

Check out how this Instagrammer is commemorating #LOVEWINS using paint chips.

This perfectly aligned pride photo uses a popular Instagram technique known as 'knolling.'

Starbucks drinks are a regular subject on Instagram. Here's a caffeinated tribute to marriage equality.

Take a look at this Instagrammer's rainbow coloured lunch.

People are also celebrating the event by sharing pictures of their pets.

This photographer and their dog had some fun playing with chalk to create this colourful Instagram.

Here's a photo of a cat taking a nap next to a pride flag.

Parents are posting pictures of their kids celebrating the newly defined meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Shoe photography is another popular Instagram trend that people are using to show their support.

This woman used her face and body as a canvas for her Instagram. She even wrote 'Love Wins' across her collarbones.

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