Instagram Founder: We're Not A Photo-Sharing Company, We're A Media Company

Kevin Systrom Instagram IGNITION

Instagram became a startup worth $1 billion to Facebook because it’s a fast, simple way for users to take photos with their iPhones, make them pretty and share them with their friends.

But Instagram’s ambitions are not limited to photos.

During a Q&A with Business Insider’s Matt Rosoff last fall, CEO and cofounder Kevin Systrom said that Instagram is a “media company” and that it may soon get into video-sharing.

Here’s what Systrom said: 

I don’t want people getting stuck with the idea that Instagram is a photo-sharing company. Instagram is a media company. I think we’re about visual media. I explain ourselves as a disruptive entertainment platform that enables communication through visual media. I don’t think it’s just photos.

There’s a reason we don’t allow you to upload photos on the Web as albums. It’s not about taking all these photos off your DSLR putting them into an album and sharing them with your family. It’s not about that. It’s about what are you up to right now out in the real world, how can you share that with everyone. It’s about what’s happening out in the world. It’s about can I consume media from folks like Taylor Swift. That’s really interesting to people. What’s not interesting to me is becoming a photo storage platform.

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