'Creep wisely' as Instagram tests a way to let you know if someone screenshots your story

  • Instagram is testing sending users a notification when someone has taken a screenshot of their story.
  • This is only a test. The company did not say if or when it will be implemented for all users.
  • Users are not happy, with some tweeting that people now have to “creep wisely.”

The days of quietly lurking on someone’s Instagram may be numbered, as the app begins testing a feature that would let you know if somebody has screenshotted your story.

According to screenshots shared on Twitter from users who are in the testing group, a camera shutter icon will appear next to the name of someone screenshotted that story. Users will not get a push notification when someone has screenshotted their story,TechCrunch reported on Monday – so at least it could be sort of subtle.

Instagram confirmed with Business Insider that it’s only testing the feature with a small number of users. “We are always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you,” says an Instagram spokesperson.

Users aren’t welcoming the potential change, judging from their reaction on Twitter. The message is clear: users want to Insta-stalk their friends, family, and followers in peace.

Normally, Instagram only alerts users when someone screenshots a private direct message. With the ability to see if somebody screenshotted a public story, well, in the words of one Twitter user: “Creep wisely.”

And, hey, if Instagram did implement screenshot notifications for Stories, it would be yet another feature the company has borrowed from Snapchat.

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