You can finally see how many people actually watch your Instagram videos

You can finally see how many times people actually watched your Instagram videos.

You might not see view counts right away — Instagram is rolling it out over the next few weeks — but they will show up in place of “likes” below a video. However, if you tap the number you’ll also still be able to see how many “likes” a video received too.

The photo-sharing social network says that the time its users spend watching vids has increased by more than 40% in the last six months.

This is actually the second big video announcement Instagram made this month: The company just started allowing advertisers to upload 60 second clips as it continues to try to suck advertising dollars.

This move towards view counts will be good for non-advertising brands too, who will be able to better understand how much their time committment is paying off.

Like Facebook, Instagram counts a view as at least three seconds of an autoplay.

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