No, You’re Not Going To Quit Instagram

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The Internet is angry.

The Internet is angry because a free service that millions of people use, Instagram, wants to make money. 

One way Instagram wants to make money is by (maybe, but probably not) selling your photos to third parties without your permission. The news comes from the app’s updated terms of service.

Now a lot of people are freaking out, saying they want to quit Instagram because they feel violated.

This probably sounds familiar to you. Facebook, which now owns Instagram, changed its terms of service a few years ago and said basically the same thing about photos that Instagram is saying now.

And guess what? A lot of people freaked out then and said they were going to quit Facebook because they felt violated. Today, Facebook has more than 1 billion users and has yet to sell photos you post to anyone. Instead, Facebook makes a bunch of money in other ways.

Even worse, these non-controversies always seem to spawn some sort of buzzy alternative social network that goes nowhere. These social networks get a lot of press for a hot second and then disappear.

Some examples:

  • For Facebook we had Diaspora. (Actually, that ended up being a disaster)
  • For Twitter we had (Actually, it’s a bunch of tech nerds who had $50 to burn.)
  • For Instagram, we now have the new Flickr app. (Actually, it looks kind of neat, but Instagram has already crushed Flickr. There’s little hope people will resurrect it.)

Saying you’re going to quit Instagram in light of the ToS change sounds noble. It also makes a great blog post! But most of you won’t quit. All of your friends are on Instagram. And because all your friends are on Instagram, you’re going to continue checking it to see what they’re posting. And then you’re going to keep posting.
And in a week you’re going to forget about this whole mess.   And in a few years, Instagram is going to be pretty massive, just like Facebook is today.Some of you will say you still disagree. Some of you will say you feel violated based on principle.

But how many of you are actually going to quit Instagram?

I thought so.

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Watch below why Instagram is a hit:


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