Photographer's New Pictures Of His Girlfriend Leading Him Around The World Will Inspire You To Travel

Murad Osmann follow me instagram seriesCourtesy of Murad OsmannNatalia leading Murad down the corridors of the Hotel Praktik Rambla in Barcelona.

The Instagram account of Murad Osmann went viral earlier this year, mainly thanks to the presence of his gorgeous girlfriend Natalia Zakharova, who is leading him around the globe in his photos.

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The Moscow-based couple have continued to travel since the initial photos surfaced in March, and now Murad has a fresh batch of images in the series, titled “Follow Me.”

The first picture happened entirely by accident in Barcelona, when Natalia and Murad were on vacation. “I had just finished a shoot there. She was a bit annoyed that I was taking pictures all the time and so she grabbed me by the hand and tried to pull me forward,” Murad explained to Business insider. “That didn’t stop me from taking pictures and that’s how I took a picture of her pulling me.”

The couple have since traveled to even more exotic destinations for Murad’s work, including Spain, Istanbul, and New York City. They were even featured at an Art Basel exhibition at the Versace Mansion with American artist Alec Monopoly.

Natalia and Murad have also created a Facebook page to document their adventures, where fans can go behind the scenes of the shots and discover more about their travels — not to mention get inspired to hop on a plane and follow in the couple’s footsteps.

“We are actually now planning our New Year;s trip either to Brazil, or to India,” Murad told us. Sounds like we can expect even more amazing images from the handsome couple in 2014.

Natalia stood on the roof of Praktik Hotel in Madrid. 'Madrid is undeniably one of the world's most culturally and historically significant cities,' Murad said.

She led Murad through Istanbul's many districts. The pair loved the contrast of these many-coloured homes.

While they were in Miami for Art Basel, Natalia and Murad took advantage of Miami Beach and the warm weather.

And during a trip to London for a NBC interview, they took a picture with the famous Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station. 'Kings Cross installed an actual 9 3/4 sign and a half trolley lodged in a wall so that every fan could feel like a young wizard,' Murad explained.

Here they are inside the historic Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul. It's popularly known as the Blue Mosque for the blue tiles adorning the walls of its interior.

Natalia posed at Madrid's Crystal Palace, 'a truly fantastic building made entirely of glass.' It's in the center of Retiro Park, with a nearby lake filled with ducks, geese, and black swans.

'One of the most amazing places we have visited was New York. Every corner of this city inspired us to do great images,' Murad told Business Insider.

The pair had their first art exhibition at the famous Versace Mansion in Miami. They collaborated with American artist Alec Monopoly.

In addition to seeing all of the art Miami had to offer at Art Basel, Natalia lead Murad through the streets of Miami to see the graffiti.

And here is Natalia posing dramatically in traditional Spanish garments looking out over Alhambra, Granada.

While in London, the couple got to see the art installation by Leandro Erlich that lets people look like they're falling out of a building.

Natalia (in a stunning dress) leads Murad down the corridors of the Hotel Praktik Rambla in Barcelona. It was once a retirement home, geriatric clinic, and a guesthouse. Today, it's a boutique hotel.

'Travelling through France by car, we certainly couldn't pass by such a beautiful place like Monaco,' Murad said. 'It's the Golden Coast in the truest sense of this word.'

Natalia dressed in traditional Russian garb as she lead Murad towards the Kremlin in Izmailovo, a beautiful example of ancient Russian culture and architecture in Moscow.

Another shot of Natalia and Murad in Istanbul, this time visiting Suleymaniye Mosque. 'We were struck by the depth and greatheartedness of Turks,' Murad said. 'This is an amazing place, impregnated with the spirit of the historical and cultural heritage.'

Murad and Natalia visited Benidorm, a coastal town in Spain known for its beaches and skyscrapers.

This is the Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc, a luxury hotel in the South of France. It has breathtaking views of the sea, and according to Murad was the favourite resort of royalty, writers, and movie stars.

The couple did some extreme shooting while in Bali with a python. 'I thought it would not let me go,' Natalia said. 'It had already started to twine stronger around me. And it was really huge!'

Natalia in Indonesia wearing an elaborate conical hat in the Bali rice fields. Around this time, the photos were picked up by The Daily Mail. 'A turning point, after which our life has changed,' Murad said.

And last but not least, Natalia leading Murad into the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool in Singapore -- one of the couple's best shots.

Here's what Natalia and Murad look like when she's not taking him around the world, posted to the 'Follow Me' Facebook page.

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