Photos from inside Apple's new $6 billion headquarters

  • Apple employees are moving into the company’s new headquarters, Apple Park, and posting photos on Instagram.
  • The photos show a stunning-looking building, especially at dusk.
  • Apple Park is not open to the public.

Apple employees are moving into their new $A6.32 billion headquarters, Apple Park. The building in Apple’s Cupertino, California hometown will eventually hold 12,000 employees in a giant ring-shaped building designed to blur the indoors and outdoors.

Apple received temporary occupancy permits in December for 5 out of 12 different sections of its campus, VentureBeat recently reported. Occupancy permits for the rest of the other sections will be granted before the end of March, according to the report.

Only Apple employees or specifically invited guests can access “the ring,” but as the campus fills up, Apple employees are posting stunning shots to Instagram.

There are lots of photos of Apple Park, but most of them were taken from a drone or a professional photographer – these pictures bring you inside and show you what it’s like to work at Apple Park.

Check them out:

It doesn’t look so big up close.

At the golden hour, sunlight just streams into the building.

The huge, clear windows let you peek directly into the building’s first floor.

Inside there are atriums that let you see multiple floors at once. And the office has the same tree pots as Apple’s redesigned stores. (The Instagram post has multiple slides.)

The entrances have a regal feel.

Even the underside of the stairs has been carefully designed.

Pull up to the office building like…

Here’s the view from the fourth floor, from a member of Jony Ive’s design team.

Some of the newly-planted grass still needs to grow.

This person writes: “Fun fact: the chairs we use at Apple Park cost about $A2,300 per set. They’re custom-made high-grade leather seats from Louis Vuitton that comes in 5 different colours.”

Do you have a picture of Apple’s $A2,300 Louis Vuitton chairs? Email [email protected]

Here’s what it looks like inside the ring.

Looks like a great place to eat lunch.

Even the parking garage is Instagram-worthy.

Handrails are carved into the building’s stone.

Check out the grey Apple bikes, parked to help people get around the grounds. Some parking garages are a 10 minute walk from the main building.

The building is one mile in circumference.

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