20 of the best up-and-coming photographers across the world you can follow on Instagram

Andy C/Nikon 100Andy C. was one of the winners of Nikon’s 100 Instagram contest.
  • Instagram is powerful tool for up-and-coming photographers to use for gaining both clients and fans.
  • This year to help celebrate its 100th anniversary, the camera company Nikon hosted a photography competition via Instagram, featuring 100 up-and-coming photographers on their account.
  • We’ve chosen our favourite 20 photographers to follow.

This year, Nikon – as part of the camera company’s 100th anniversary – is celebrating by highlighting 100 young, up-and-coming photographers on their Instagram.

Handpicked by the Nikon team, these photographers entered by using the hashtag #Nikon100 on their Instagram posts. The hashtag, which received an overwhelming number of entry posts – 64,658 to be exact- were analysed and chosen based on technical skill. A wide range of subject matter was considered, and entries came in from all over the world.

All the photographs were taken with Nikon camera gear, and winners were announced on Nikon’s Instagram for a 100 days in a row. Below, see 20 of the 100 hand-picked winners.

Steph Depifanio creates nature and wildlife photographs that have exciting colour, texture, contrasts, and composition.

Follow Steph Depifanio @octoberpumpkin

Andy C. is a Los Angeles-based photographer who’s been practicing for five years. He loves sharing his own perspective with people from all over the world.

Follow Andy C. @andy.c.photography

Since he was ten, Adam Woodworth has been fascinated with the night sky and shares his experiences under the stars with others through his photography.

Follow Adam Woodworth @awoodworthphoto

Allard Schager is based in The Netherlands, and specialises in interior design, landscape, and urban photography.

Follow Allard Schager @


Charleton Churchill is a wedding photographer who takes couples on adventures, capturing them in a beautiful and epic way.

Follow Charleton Churchill @charletonchurchill

Christine Kenyon is a lover of the great outdoors, who also enjoys the art and craft of photography.

Follow Christine Kenyon @christinekenyonphoto

Self-taught photographer David Sloas has a passion for wildlife photography. He enjoys getting photographs that are difficult to obtain, like birds in flight from a moving boat.

Follow David Sloas @a_man_with_a_nikon

Brian Posten sees hidden beauty in action sports.

Follow Brian Posten @bposten

Doug Van Sant dedicates most of his craft to capturing special moments and experiences at festivals, concerts, or any live events.

Follow Doug Van Sant @dougvansant

Everett Bloom is a National and State Park enthusiast who enjoys landscape, astro, and time-lapse photography.

Follow Everett Bloom @everett_bloom_photography

Derrick Freske is based in Los Angeles, California. He is most known for shooting vibrant, cinematic portraits with a focus on neon glows and pops of colour.

Follow Derrick Freske @dfreske

The thing Gil Tamin loves most about photography is its unique ability to offer a different perspective on everyday life.

Follow Gil Tamin @giltamin

For JP Monage, macrophotography has become a big part of his photo work, and he gravitates towards nature.

Follow JP Monage @j.p.monge.s

A photographer and creative director from South Africa, Ingrid Irsigler is inspired by art, literature, and poetry, weaving stories into her work.

Follow Ingrid Irsigler @ingridalicephotography

Landon Entwistle enjoys photographing cityscapes and landscapes.

Follow Landon Entwistle @landonspic

Self-taught photographer Derek Harris has turned his passion for photography into technical skill over the last five years.

Follow Derek Harris @derekharrisphotography

Dylan Mckay loves exploring the outdoors and finding unique things to capture.

Follow Dylan Mckay @mckay_photo

Mike Gutkin is a stem-cell research scientist and freelance photographer based in New York City.

Follow Mike Gutkin @mc_gutty

Noel Casaje is a landscape photographer. He considers himself an avid student of light, and photographing in low light situations is what he enjoys best.

Follow Noel Casaje @noelcasajephotography

Sangeeta Dey considers photography to be one of the four languages she speaks, and she has found that visual communication is powerful and honest.

Follow Sangeeta Dey @sangeetadeyphotography

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